Practice Areas

ITDC Defence providing turnkey solutions without depending on a brand enables the advantage of competition, operational productivity, effective business models and added value for its customers

Video Transmission Solutions

We are providing video transmission solutions which can be used on both broadcasting field and tactical operations

Unmanned Air Vehices

Partnership between ITDC and Gatekeeper who is producing patented area scanning under vehicle inspection systems is providing the most important security solutions to governmental buildings for preventing terror activities

Mobile X-Ray Systems

Time is today’s most important value and this is an undeniable truth. While Acting as fast as possible and being mobile will save you more time, responding to the emergencies on right time and right place will also save hundreds of lives. Suspicious packages can be controlled easily on time and as fast as possible with mobile X-RAY solutions

Fire Arms

Fire arms technologies have improved fastly and by the result of this improvements, modern fire arms have has deeloped. Our fire arms solutions which are complying with your needs both technically and schematically, security can be increased to top levels.

Optical Systems

Especially on tactical missions, observing is very crucial and important subject for gathering evidences and securing borders. Our world leading producers are offering their most advanced optical products for your usage on tactical missions.

Intelligence Equipments

As ITDC Informatics and Defence Systems, we believe the only key for path to success is efficient usage of “knowladge”. Gathering information and protection agains threads have become one of the most important and delicate subject of present. For this reason, agreements we made with world leading surveillance, counter surveillance and signal jamming soultion producers, we are offering each equipment needed in confidentiality.

High Sense of Responsibility

Analyzing and understanding expectations of our clients is one of the biggest aims of our company.